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Member Area

All citizens of Taiwan, or related organizations registered by the government of Taiwan, who support the purpose of the Association, can apply to become a member of the Rural Economics Society of Taiwan (below referred to as Member).
individual member :  
Permanent member:  The entrance fee is$ 1,000NTD , and the permanent membership fee is $10,000 NTD in one payment.
Perennial members: $1,000 NTD  for entrance fee, $1,000NTD for each year.
Group members: $500 NTD for entrance fee,$500NTD for each year.
In addition to participating in various activities, seminars and annual meetings held by the Society each year, you can also receive free newsletters, e-newspapers and other related publications. In addition, individual members have the right to be selected as the directors and supervisors of the Society.
Please download the membership application form and fill it in, scan it into an electronic file Email to or mail it to "10617 National Taiwan University Agricultural Economics Transit Rural Economic Society of Taiwan, No. 1, Roosevelt Road, Daan District, Taipei City." The office will contact you regarding membership matters.
If you have any questions, please call the secretariat 02-23676089 Secretary Wang

Membership Application